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Join a galactic tournament, where you as a hero compete in a hilarious dash to the finish line: the next spaceship. Leave the planet for the next one - collecting points, shooting, avoiding traps through multiple rounds with increasing stakes while growing your reputation and making friends. With this free-to-play game you have many choices to carve your own world but cannot pay-to-win - so no advantages there. As your experience level grows, your warrior reputation unlocks perks over time. Our mission with A Far Away Realm (AFAR) is to simplify blockchain games through fun in-game features for players by creating games that appeal to traditional video game players and blockchain gamers alike. AFAR: PvP Game Players shoot and race to the finish line, collecting points over multiple rounds to reach the finish using any means necessary. AFAR: Mining Game Players get their dig on as they manage their mining camp, plan building layouts, harvest resources, and defend their Mining Camp! AFAR: Spaceship Game Players travel across the universe in search of rare goods that they can sell for profit at the Marketplace, will they make it back home safely? Social Hub A place for players to relax, hang out with their friends, take part in mini-games and flex special items.