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Ilu Universe

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Ilu Universe - Free-to-Play Fantasy RPG NFT Game, where you and your Ilu will fight the evil that is trying to capture the Ilu World. Ilu these are your favorite magical creatures NFT, that have a billion varieties. They use magical spells to help you explore, farm, fight and earn NFTs and Crypto. Exploration Explore randomly generated different biomes, find rare NFT items and fight dangerous monsters. As you grow, you will move from simpler to more complex locations where you will come face to face with a source of evil. Battling You will encounter different locations and monsters during exploration. The many variations of locations and monsters will make the gameplay interesting and varied. Depending on the difficulty of the monster you kill, you gain useful items and experience for your Ilu. The higher the level and skills of your Ilu, the more powerful enemies he can defeat. Crafting While exploring the world and killing monsters you will gain useful resources for NFT items crafting. You can craft anything starts from food to home decor. Crafted items can be sold to NPC or other players at the marketplace. Breeding Ilu can be bred in the same way as real animals. However, breeding is limited to a maximum of ten cycles. The breeding process requires resources and time. Each subsequent cycle will require more resources. Farming Find seeds for your home farm. You can grow useful things by planting seeds: - Trees for craft - Herbs for Alchemy - Food for you and Ilu and many more... These items are NFTs and can be used for crafting, selling to NPC or to other players at the marketplace.