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Super clean, minimalistic, stylized
online store builder with awesome
customization options.

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Comes with Google Tag Manager and Stripe integrations.

Most important features
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Digital Product Page

Embedded reviews and recommended products

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Search & Checkout

Highly convertable checkout process and searchable products

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Integrated Payments

Comes natively integrated with all payment methods

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Optimized For Mobile

Looks good on any device from any corner of the world

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Fast &

Speed & security matter in digital commerce

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Every page can be optimized for SEO with no coding required

This online store builder has all you need to jumpstart your digital business journey.

design the store faster

Over 20 store templates included

Easily construct your new online store using any of more than 20
pre-made store templates.

Free to use. Forever.

Our online store builder is free to use. We only charge per transaction occured via the storefront. Daily payouts.


per successful transaction

Online Store

Automatic Tax Calculation

Online Store

Tax Collection, Reporting and Filing

We’re Merchant of Record for all transactions.

  • Daily payouts

    Automatic payouts straight to your credit card or bank account once every 24 hours.

  • Over 200+ payment methods

    Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and many more. All fees included.

  • Available for 50+ countries

    We’re deeply integrated with various PSP’s to provide your store with local payment methods.

Online Store

What’s Merchant of Record?

A merchant of record (MoR) is the legal entity responsible for processing payments, handling tax obligations, and ensuring compliance with regulations for online transactions. Essentially, the MoR takes on the financial and legal responsibilities associated with selling products or services, allowing online businesses to focus on their core operations.

Absolutely! We’ve made the entire platform free to use. The only time you’ll be paying anything is when you’ll start selling. We only charge fixed commission of 5%+50¢ per successful transaction.
You can sell digital products, subscriptions, game keys, game assets, software keys, gift cards – anything digital. Simply head to the
No worries! We’ve made our online storefront builder in away that’s intuitive and doesn’t require any coding skills.
Everyone is! That’s why we’ve created pre-made templates so that you can jumpstart your digital business journey right away!
We’re integrated with Stripe and you’ll need to go through connecting or creating a new Stripe account. You’ll then specify bank account or credit card to which your payouts will happen. Customers will pay with over 200+ payment methods and the funds will go straight to your Stripe account. Payouts happen automatically once every 24 hours to your desired destination.
Yes – you can offer fixed or percentage-based discounts to all your users. You can also set the time period and usage limits of such discounts.