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Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios

Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios
Client Name
Abrams Studios
Indiana, USA
Indie Game Studio

Products used

Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios

Free Website Builder

Free website editor and builder for indie game developers.

Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios

Payment Integrated

Customizable checkout and native Stripe-ready integration embedded.

Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios

Developer Dashboard

Manage users, orders, games and more data through a simple to use Developer Dashboard.


In the vast universe of the gaming industry, indie game developers often face challenges that their larger counterparts don’t. Limited budgets, smaller teams, and a greater need for individuality are some of the nuances that characterize indie game development. Abrams Studios, with its unique approach to game design and storytelling, stands out as a beacon for what indie studios can achieve. This is their story of success with’s free web shop builder.

Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios
Web Shop built in minutes for Abrams Studios

Based out of a shared love for the outdoors, the team at Abrams Studios blends their passion for nature with their technological prowess. Their standout game, Morels: The Hunt, is a testament to their innovative thinking. Instead of following trends, the studio channels personal experiences into their creations, bringing a refreshing dimension to the gaming scene. Their commitment? To create games that both resonate with players and stand the test of time.

Good Value in Entertainment

We strive to create games that are fun at a reasonable price.

Available on Multiple Platforms

We are working to get our games on multiple platforms. We hope to eventually get our games on consoles.

We Offer Great Support

We try our best to respond to all emails and answer questions quickly and efficiently.

We Do Not Make FPS Games

There are enough violent FPS games out there. We strive to create safe, immersive games the whole family can enjoy.


A studio of just 3 people – Wes Abrams and his crew wanted to quickly set up their own customizable storefront that could sell Steam keys directly to players. The store could serve as an extension to their existing website that’s under – redirecting to their own store means that they could keep the branding for themselves.

In an increasingly digital age, an online storefront is paramount to reach audiences directly and establish a strong brand presence. The challenge for Abrams Studios was twofold:

Budget Constraints: With only a three-member team, budgeting was crucial. Investing in a high-maintenance e-commerce platform was not viable.

Consistency: Integrating a storefront that aligns seamlessly with their existing brand image and website was imperative.


Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios
Players can now buy directly from indie game developers and publishers

Abrams Studios needed. The platform promised:

Zero Upfront Costs: Making it financially feasible for small studios.

Quick Set-Up: Eliminating the need for extensive tech support or developers.

High-Level Customization: Ensuring the storefront reflected Abrams Studios’ unique brand image.

Efficient Payment Integration: Hassle-free and reliable.

Increasing direct-to-players sales for Abrams Studios
Managing Morels The Hunt game in the dashboard


Abrams Studios, with the aid of, witnessed initial meaningful sales, and more importantly, fostered a direct relationship with their player base. The ROI was immediate. The absence of maintenance costs meant every sale brought pure profit, a luxury few indie developers can boast.

Closing Thoughts:

The success of Abrams Studios with sends a clear message to the indie game development community. It emphasizes the importance of autonomy and the possibility of achieving it without compromising on quality or brand integrity. With platforms like, indie developers can transcend traditional barriers, reaching their audience directly and forging a path distinct from industry giants.

Products used:

  • Free Game Website builder: customizable fonts and colors meant that Abrams Studios could adjust the branding to their own
  • Stripe integration natively: payouts are done once in 24h – so the studio has ongoing operations capital to continue building new games
  • Developer Dashboard: everytime an user logs in or leaves his/her email in the cart – their info get recorded and users can be exported to CSV list for any future marketing campaigns