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Dedicated to game developers, we’ve crafted the ultimate e-store solution, letting you focus solely on game creation.

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Duke Vu

CEO & Founder

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1. Games or In-Game Assets

Sync, upload, or link your game assets effortlessly. Have game keys, virtual assets, or In-Game Purchases? We got it. Perfect for both Mobile and PC Games.

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2. Your Webstore, Your Branding

Easily personalize with logos, themes, colors, and more. Create a store that mirrors your game’s unique flair. Complete with Payment integration.

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3. Keep More From Sales

Direct sales to your gaming community. No AppStore, No Steam predatory 30% fees. Watch as your online store flourishes, all with the power of our intuitive platform.

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Loved by game studios

Fungies.io is a game-changer! They’re carving a niche as the premier solution for indie devs seeking a personalized storefront and asset marketplace. Their team’s commitment to continuous improvement and openness to feedback is unparalleled. With user-friendly features and value-packed subscription options, Fungies.io is the ace in the deck for any game development journey.

As we delved deeper into the world of game development, we realized we needed a robust commerce tool that mirrored our dedication to gaming. Enter Fungies. They don’t just ‘get’ gaming; they live it. Harnessing their platform, we crafted a storefront that resonated with our game’s spirit. If you’re seeking a platform that bridges gaming passion with commerce expertise, Fungies is the name.

Our game’s development was intense, and we needed a streamlined, cost-effective solution to showcase it. Fungies was the answer. Not only could we mold our game’s site to perfection, but the ease of payment integrations and direct Steam game sales made our lives simpler. The best part? An outstanding team backing a top-tier free platform. It’s a win-win!


Empowering game creators with seamless sales tools

Beyond thrilled to bring Mondrian Game to Fungies.io! This up-and-coming games store is aiming to simplify the process for developers to reach audiences and get their games in front of more players for an extremely competitive revenue share rate.

Danny Silvers

— CEO, Lantana Games

Save money and time, focus on game development


How much you’d spend building your own game’s storefront or marketplace from scratch.

+14 days

This is how much time it needs to do a proper website design, UX, front-end development, integration payments.

15+ plugins

Average number of plugins needed to manage your store with WordPress, Shopify or any other Website Builder-only solutions.

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Start your store for FREE. Customize themes, colors, upload your ingame assets.


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We don’t required any credit card information upon registration.


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Don’t like our products? You can cancel or delete your store anytime you want. No strings attached.


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Thinking about increasing limits on your TRIAL account? Upgrade to any Paid Plan whenever you want. Simply choose the best suited plan for you and subscribe!

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