Increase IAP profits

with your own Web Store

Go Direct-To-Consumer and save on 30% commission from Apple or Google AppStores. Redirect your VIP players and keep more profits for yourself.


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See how industry leaders like Playtika, Scopely and others have implemented their DTC model – with our out-of-the-box solution, it will be even faster and cheaper to start your own Web Store for In-Game Purchases!


Think Shopify for Mobile IAP.

Drive VIP players and sell directly

Maximize the awesomeness of your top players! Whip up a VIP club and guide those big spenders right to the Web Store. Watch ’em seal the deal using your super cool Direct-To-Consumer channel.

Own your player’s data

Guide your iOS players to the Web Store and claim all their info for yourself – we’re talking emails and their gaming quirks! Then, sprinkle some Ads magic via Google, Facebook, and other cool networks to bring ’em back for more.

Customize and set up in minutes

Craft your Web Store with your own swag! Setting it up is as easy as 1-2-3, no coding headaches, and you can whip it up from scratch in just 5 minutes. Give it a spin!

Integrate 3rd party apps

Build an AI chatbot, slap on a CRM system, or get that support ticketing software for your Web Store – all cozy and snugly integrated with our platform. It’s like a techy family reunion!

IAP, Subscriptions, Bundles

Turn your Mobile Game into a cash cow! Sell everything from Virtual Currencies to game goodies, and even subscriptions. Plus, our commission’s so low, it’s practically just 8%. Cha-ching!

All in a simple dashboard

Score a dashboard that’s smoother than butter for bossing around your Orders, spicing up your Website’s vibes, taming those Users, and juggling Integrations. Time to log in and see the magic firsthand!


Commission from the Web Store.


Faster and cheaper way to set up your DTC channel.


Save BIG on commission from AppStores.


Conversion Rate on the Web Store for your VIP players.

At last – now there’s a way to avoid that predatory 30% commission from AppStores. We can now also effectively manage player’s e-mails and data.

Martin Repetto

Founder of
Pricing plans

Simple pricing. Sales commission only.

Our Web Store is forever free to use. We only charge for each sale occured through the Web Store or ingame checkout. Flat rate of 5%+50¢ for every successful sale.


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  • Unlimited number of Game Assets
  • Website Builder
  • Basic Analytics
  • Basic Integrations
  • Custom Domain
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Stop feeding AppStores. Set up your Mobile Game’s Web Store now.

Get ready to rock the self-publishing and make that UA (User Acquisition) bankable! Take charge of your players’ data and sling Virtual Currencies, Items, or Bundles straight to ’em without those wallet-wilting commissions.

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