Absolute control
with Developer Dashboard

Customize your Game’s store or marketplace. Add ingame assets, bundles, Steam Keys and more. Manage users, choose payment methods and much more with our powerful dashboard!

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Supercharge your time-to-market with our No-Code Storefront Solution

What you can do with developer dashboard


Assets, Users, Payment Methods, Domain Name and more.



SEO Analytics, Mailing Provider, Unity/Unreal SDK API key’s.



Set your storefront’s domain, access Website Builder.

This UI kit has all you need to manage your hypothetical customers smart devices like thermostats, lights, and other appliances that make for a connected modern home.

Start editing your store

Access Website Builder from Dashboard

Easily construct your website and integrate payments to start selling your game keys, bundles, virtual assets, currencies or NFT’s.

It means that if you have an existing Web3 game that would like to build NFT marketplace for that game – you can do so with our solution. Simply set up free account, log in to developer dashboard and Import your existing game’s collection. You can start allowing players to buy, sell, trade your ingame NFT’s.
If you’re Web2 / Mainstream Game Developer – you can customize your game’s website using the Editor. You can also upload your Steam / Preferred Store game keys (in a CSV file), ingame assets, virtual currencies or bundles. Choose preferred payment methods for your users (Credit Card / Stripe or Crypto). See all transactions and users that have logged into the website.
If you’re Web2 / Mainstream or Indie Game Developer – there’s no need to use the Web3 / NFT features. You can simply build your website or store without needing to integrate Blockchain or Crypto payments.
We’ll provide Unity/Unreal SDK so that you can integrate your ingame store that’s synchronized with the website / store. We don’t want to mess your game’s UI – so the ingame store will be customized by you or your team.
Yes you can use our solution for free, but with some limations. You won’t be able to set up your own domain only use our subdomain fungies.app. You’ll also be limited on the number of assets uploaded to the store.
You can sell your game’s keys (just upload a CSV list of all keys e.g. Steam Keys), virtual currencies (chests, mystery boxes, lootboxes), ingame items, bundles, subscriptions.

FREE Forever.
No Credit Card Required.


per transaction

  • Fixed commission
  • Website Builder
  • Upload Game Keys or Mobile Game Assets
  • Payment-ready
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