Boost Your SaaS Revenue with Subscription Solutions

With Fungies’ SaaS payment infrastructure, you can provide subscription billing plans tailored to your customers’ needs. Enhance and expand your revenue throughout the entire customer journey.

SaaS Subscriptions
SaaS Subscriptions
Our team has made setting up a store and selling SaaS subscriptions or digital products super easy and fun. Forget clunky plugins or tax compliance – we’ll do it for you. Focus on developing your software or digital content – we’ll take care of payment infrastructure.

Duke Vu

— CEO & Founder, Fungies Inc.
Subscription Infrastructure for SaaS

Say goodbye to SaaS subscription management worries.


Create subscription products faster

Create subscription products tailored to your business needs. Offer monthly, yearly, and usage-based billing plans. Launch quickly with ready-made subscription product templates


Tax compliance from day one

As your merchant of record, we take care of all the legal complexities of payment processing, including merchant fees, fraud prevention, chargebacks, disputes, and taxes, allowing you to focus entirely on developing great software.


International SaaS payments

We handle international payments with our PSP’s. We’re working for now with Stripe to process all transactions but will add more in the near future to cover more countries and local payment methods.


Customize storefront, checkouts and portal

Easily create your own storefront, choose your own design of checkouts (overlay, one-page checkout or store checkout) along with management portal for users to upgrade, downgrade or cancel subscriptions.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

ARR: $1,499,500

Need a demo?

15 minutes is all it takes – we’ll show you how to create and customize your store, checkout or management portal. We’ll also present available options for adding subscription products.

Tools to efficiently manage your SaaS business

Grow your software business faster


Adaptable prorated payments

Implementing proration for partial periods can be challenging. Let customers easily upgrade or downgrade their plans.


Usage-based metered billing

Bill your customer by usage of your app from day one. No need to write complicated business logic into your app – we’ll handle it for you.

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SaaS Subscriptions

API + Webhooks

Pass in customer data straight to your software. As developers we understand good documentation and clean code for faster and seamless integration.


Payment recovery done right

Fully automated dunning for your unsuccessful charges. Bring peace of mind for all the payment declines.

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SaaS Subscriptions
SaaS Subscriptions
5-minute integration

Implement billing and subscriptions now

Don’t do everything on your own. We’re here to help. Charge-free with only commission-based pricing.

SaaS Subscriptions