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How to make a Multiplayer game – Unreal & Unity tips

Playing with friends Creating a multiplayer, online game can be challenging, requiring the developers to anticipate latency and packet loss, consider what processes are authoritative, and selectively communicate data on the network so that it is not overloaded. Despite this, multiplayer games are deeply rewarding, and bring many times more players to your game than...

Google’s policy changes in the light of upcoming EU Digital Markets Act changes

At, we’re keenly observing the evolving landscape of Android and Google Play, which are making significant strides in providing greater flexibility and choice for developers, in light of feedback from both developers and regulatory bodies as well as the competitive dynamics with Apple and the broader Android ecosystem. These changes underscore the importance and...

Apple’s EU Digital Markets Act: an in-depth analysis

Apple’s recent adjustments in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) have ignited discussions across the mobile app ecosystem. While some see these changes as insufficient, our analysis suggests that, under certain conditions, Apple’s proposals could indeed offer new opportunities for developers and publishers. This development is particularly significant for mobile game publishers, who...