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Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour

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Author: Pyrodactyl Author Email: [email protected] Jared Casey Dent was a wrestler in a down-and-out bloodstained middle American town. He lost his own tournament in disgrace and vanished into the night. Now he's back, and you must set his life straight using your own home blend of: Brutal violence Jared's wavering, hamfisted brand of subtle persuasion Side questing for loose change Just doing stuff for the hell of it Features: Ridiculously Complicated Conversation System The give-and-takes of social engineering do not come easily to Jared. You'll have to carefully select body language, tone, and opinion if you want to get results. Alternately, pick bizarre options and watch NPCs get really confused. Fast-Paced Brawling (aka, the easy way) While the subtleties of speech and debate may be lost on Jared, beating people up comes pretty naturally. And if you go that route, you won't believe the people you'll have to put in the ground - the mob, nerds in power armor, the police, a TV superhero, and more! A Narrative of Personal Redemption OR Punch Everyone Wage war for the soul of Jared Dent, wanderer and troubled fellow, and choose his destiny over the course of one wild nonlinear night – or ignore all of that stuff and beat up approximately an entire town. Inventory management Acquire stuff. Use the stuff to make yourself hurt things or get less hurt by things. The Most Accurate Portrayal of Nerds Ever Move over, Big Bang Theory – we've got the most hilarious, tear-jerking, hamfistedly pandering depiction of Nerds™ in any art form EVER. Stereotypes you've grown used to, as fresh and accurate as they were in 1986! Zero Typing-Based Victorian Romance Scenarios Use your furious fingers and knowledge of period social mores to woo seven beautiful English debutantes in a game that isn't this one. But – you can make that game within this game with mod support!







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