Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Introduction: Another Success for Supercell

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Supercell, the creators of legendary games like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, are riding the wave of success once again. Their sixth project, Squad Busters, promises and is already becoming a real hit, offering players a fresh perspective on mobile gaming.

“Supercell’s mission is to create great games that as many people as possible play for years and that are remembered forever. We’ve come to the realization that it is even harder than we ever thought. So, as someone at Supercell told me, we either try to figure this out or change our mission.”

by Ilkka Paananen, CEO at Supercell

Squad Busters grabs attention by featuring characters from the publisher’s previous popular games and a unique approach to gameplay, blending elements of MOBA, strategy, action, and RPG genres. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Development Story: How the Hit Was Made

The development of Squad Busters began in mid-2021. Supercell aimed to create a mobile game that combined elements of their previous successful projects, resulting in a dynamic and engaging multiplayer experience in a mixed casual genre.

The first closed beta test of the game took place from February 6 to 16, 2023, for Android users in Canada. The main goal was to test the mechanics, gameplay, and gather feedback for improvements.

The second beta test in May 2023 (from May 22 to 29) included three regions: Canada, Mexico, and Spain. This version introduced new modes, maps, and characters, and addressed bugs and improvements based on previous feedback.

The Soft Launch of Squad Busters took place from April 23 to April 28, 2024, in several regions, including Canada, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Singapore. This allowed developers to collect additional feedback and identify any last issues before the global launch. During the soft launch, the game ranked first in downloads on the App Store in each of these countries, indicating its popularity and demand among players.

The Global Release of Squad Busters happened less than a week ago (May 29, 2024), and the game has already achieved significant success. It quickly gained popularity, reaching over 10 million downloads on Google Play and a total of over 19 million downloads across all platforms in a short time after release. According to the studio, the game had over 40 million pre-registrations worldwide.

Supercell plans to continue developing Squad Busters by adding new content and features to keep the game fresh and engaging. Future updates will include new seasonal events, unique rewards, and expanded interactions with other popular Supercell franchises.

Core Mechanics and Gameplay

In Squad Busters, players form squads from a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and roles. The controls are intuitive, with virtual joysticks for movement and simple taps and swipes for abilities. The primary goal is to collect and hold precious gems in matches where players compete against each other.

Squad Busters offers a unique blend of fast-paced action and strategic depth. Team composition balance plays a crucial role, requiring players to carefully select characters for successful victories in matches and task completions. Core mechanics include resource management, character development, and strategic planning, making the game captivating and engaging. 


Upon launching the game for the first time, you are greeted with a colorful interface of your base, where your characters roam and decorative items stand. There are also a couple of NPC characters on this base who give out quests and rewards.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Matches last for 4 minutes, featuring randomly selected modes and maps. At the start of the game, players choose a character to begin with. Initially, players have just one squad (or more, depending on the match mode), but by killing monsters, chopping down trees, and defeating opponents, they earn coins that can be used to hire more characters from chests scattered across the match map.

At the beginning, you can choose common heroes, but as the match progresses, rarer chests will appear, replacing the simpler ones. Additionally, having three identical characters triggers a fusion, resulting in one stronger character. The cost counter for new characters in chests updates based on the number of characters, not their quality.

It’s important to choose your squad members wisely, as each character has specific roles, classifications, and parameters. Greg can chop trees but is weak in PvP, while Goblin is a great starter, providing extra gold coins that help quickly increase squad size.

The main goal is to collect more gems than other players. It’s not always necessary to rush into combat; find good spots with chests and mobs to minimize running time. Always keep some sprint in reserve in case a stronger opponent finds you.

Depending on the game modes, the center may feature a gems mine, which starts erupting gems at a certain point in the round. While it’s an attractive target for collecting gems, powerful mobs guard it initially, and other players will also be vying for victory.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

PvP battles are uniquely individualized during the match. Defeating the last squad of a live player drops all their coins and gems. Quickly gather these drops, as they are not personalized and can be picked up by anyone. Additionally, after defeating a player, all chests on the map enter a FREE mode for you, allowing you to choose another squad member for free as a reward for your victory.

Avoid engaging in PvP battles recklessly, as misjudging an opponent’s strength can lead to significant losses of gems and squads, making it difficult to regain a leading position.

During matches, it’s crucial to use spells correctly, as they can sometimes save your squad from defeat. For instance, escaping a close pursuit can be achieved by using a bomb that lifts and throws the enemy away. Or, during a battle when many of your characters are injured, retreat, heal your troops, and return to the fight with renewed strength.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Unique Battle Items help you quickly build a powerful squad or filter hero selection at the start of a match. Reroll Tokens allow you to change your starting character choice, while Chest, Fusion, or Epic Keys help unlock chests for free or find rarer characters early in the patch. These items can be purchased or earned as rewards for achievements.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

In addition to matchmaking, the game features events, achievement lists, and reward levels. During gameplay, you will often encounter opportunities to collect rewards for completed quests after matches. All these elements together provide an excellent gaming experience with hours of fun and enjoyment.

Strategies for Success

To be successful in Squad Busters, it’s important not only to know your characters’ abilities well but also to work effectively as a team. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

Choosing the Right Team Composition: Balancing your team is key to victory. Test and combine different setups to find the winning formula.

Avoiding Hasty Moves: At the end of each match, it’s not always advisable to rush into a big fight, as a few seconds can see you drop from first to last place.

Using the Environment: The environment plays a significant role in the game. Use cover and strategic points for defense and attack. Remember, some players may chase your squad for a long time, so always be ready to escape.

Constantly Improving Characters: Participate in matches and events to earn resources and upgrade your characters. This will help you stay competitive in battles.

Game Modes and Worlds: A First-Hand Experience

Squad Busters features 22 modes or modifiers that unlock as players progress through four game worlds: Green World, Desert World, Royal World, and Beach World. Here is the complete list of modes, broken down by world:

Green World (Levels 1-14)

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell
  • Double Trouble: Each chest offers double characters, though they are identical.
  • Loot Goblin Rush: Goblins carrying sacks of gold appear on the map.
  • Pinata Party: Pinatas appear on the map and yield gold and gems when broken.
  • Turbo Overload: Turbo boots randomly appear on the map.
  • Tree Giants: Trees filled with gems appear in the center of the map.
  • Spell Overload: Spells randomly appear on the map.
  • Gem Overlord: Everything drops gems.
  • Fusion Start: Players start with a fusion character.

New Characters in Green World (12): Barbarian, Goblin, Greg, Colt, El Primo, Witch, Chicken, Medic, Dynamike, Hog Rider, Barbarian King, Archer Queen.

Green World can be completed relatively quickly, in about an hour of gameplay. During this time, players intuitively play round after round, collecting rewards and getting accustomed to the interface, gameplay, and mechanics. Numerous rewards, hints, and engaging gameplay contribute to a quick adaptation to the game.

Desert World (Levels 15-34)

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell
  • Whack-A-Mole: Mole robots appear, which can be destroyed for loot.
  • Royal Haunt: Royal ghosts can be defeated and added to your squad.
  • Super Gem Mine: A larger gem mine offers more gems.
  • Loot Surge: The map offers a large amount of loot.
  • Doppelgangers: Each chest choice changes the team composition.

New Characters in Desert World (6): Shelly, Nita, Battle Healer, Max, Bo, Bea.

Desert World is the second world, starting at level 15 and ending at level 34. This world requires more time to complete compared to Green World due to increased difficulty and the need for strategic play to successfully complete missions. Players face new enemy types and challenges that require more advanced tactics. New modes, such as “Epic Overload” and “Whack-A-Mole,” add variety to the gameplay. On average, completing Desert World can take about 4 hours of gameplay.

Royal World (Levels 35-59)

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell
  • Chest Imposters: Fake chests do not provide loot.
  • Golden Boots: Enhanced boots give a greater speed boost.
  • Epic Overload: Each chest offers an epic card, which can only be chosen if already unlocked.
  • Gift Critters: Gift robots that leave valuable loot when destroyed.
  • MEGA Start: Players start with a MEGA character.

New Characters in Royal World (6): Mavis, Royal King, Mortis, Wizard, Trader, Pam.

Royal World covers levels 35 to 59. This world is significantly more challenging and requires players to have a deep understanding of game mechanics and improved squad management skills. Players will encounter modes like “Chest Imposters” and “Golden Boots,” which add new elements of strategy and challenge. Royal World requires more time for planning and coordinating actions to successfully complete all levels. Completion time depends on the player’s experience, squad preparedness, and success in battles.

Beach World (Levels 60-89)

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell
  • Angry Vines: Enhanced vine growth.
  • Baby Battle: Only babies are allowed on the battlefield.
  • Monster Pets: Chests provide monster pets that fight alongside the player.
  • Ring Grab: Players can collect gem rings that provide bonuses.

New Characters in Beach World (3): Heave, Penny, Tank.

Beach World, starting from level 60 to level 89, represents the most difficult and lengthy world. This world offers unique modes like “Angry Vines” and “Monster Pets,” requiring maximum concentration and tactical thinking from players. Players will face new, more powerful enemies and challenges that require careful preparation and squad coordination.

Squad League (Level 90)

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Squad League unlocks at level 90 and is a competitive mode where players can earn rewards and increase their ranks. This mode adds a competitive element, motivating players to constantly improve their skills and strategy. Squad League includes ranks such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and several levels of Ultimate League. Players compete to climb the ranks, adding an extra layer of motivation and challenge. Progressing in this mode requires significant effort and time, essentially endlessly, as competition becomes tougher with game updates and balancing.

Ice World (Level 90-120, in future updates)

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Ice World has not been officially released on gaming platforms but has been spotted in game trailers and marketing materials. This world is expected to feature new combat modes (Coin Chests, Gem Hot Pot, Golem Meteors, Super Ice Spirits) and characters like Dr. T, Ice Wizard, and Jessie.

Each world and mode in Squad Busters helps maintain gameplay variety and player interest by offering unique challenges and conditions depending on the world they are in. For example, in the “Double Trouble” mode, players receive double characters from each chest, requiring quick adaptation and using similar strategies for both characters. In the “Loot Goblin Rush” mode, players need to hunt goblins filled with gold, adding an element of rush and competition for resources. These differences in conditions and tasks make each match unique and exciting, requiring players to apply various tactics and strategies depending on the specific mode and game situation.

Characters and Development

Squad Busters shines with its diverse characters, each boasting unique skills and attributes, allowing players to experiment with various combinations and tactics.

Character Classes

The game features six character classes, each contributing differently to your squad:

  • All-Rounder: A versatile class, balancing attack and defense.
  • Attacker: High damage dealers, excellent for attacks but easily defeated without a defender.
  • Speedster: Vital for increasing movement speed.
  • Supplier: Provides additional resources during the match.
  • Defender: Tank characters with high health and low damage.
  • Healer: Characters that heal or increase maximum health.

Character Progression

Character progression involves increasing star levels, unlocking new abilities, and enhancing attributes. There are currently four evolution stages for characters, each requiring ten duplicates of the previous level for an upgrade.

Evolution StageTroops RequiredStar Level
Baby1 Baby Troop
Classic10 Baby Troops⭐⭐
Super10 Classic Troops⭐⭐⭐
Ultra10 Super Troops⭐⭐⭐⭐
Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Character Rarity

There are three levels of character rarity, distinguished by different colors and attributes:

  • Common: 11 characters.
  • Rare: 11 characters.
  • Epic: 8 characters.
Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell
Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell
Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

The game also features four MEGA Units, which are larger, possess unique abilities, and have significantly different attributes compared to regular characters.

Characters can be obtained by reaching certain levels, as rewards, from chests, or by purchasing them with gold. Unique characters can also be acquired earlier than usual through purchases, offering a low monetization threshold for high-level boosts and enhanced game enjoyment.

Supercell promises to actively support character development, regularly adding new heroes and improvements. This will help maintain interest in the game and offer players new tactical opportunities. Some characters may be unique to specific game modes, adding an extra layer of strategic depth.

Graphics and Visual Effects

The graphics in Squad Busters are in Supercell’s signature style: bright, colorful, and appealing. Unlike some competitors like League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game is not overloaded with details and special effects, making it accessible to a broader audience, including casual players.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Visual effects also play a crucial role in creating a dynamic and captivating atmosphere. Every ability and attack is accompanied by vivid and impressive animations, making battles even more engaging. The graphical style appeals to both young players and adult gamers, making it universally appealing.

The smooth graphical background and visual effects in the game are of high quality, with well-timed animations and no delays. The development team has successfully combined the key elements of the game’s appeal, earning it the love of many players worldwide.

Sound and Music

The sound design in the game enhances the sense of immersion. The music dynamically changes based on the on-screen action, and character sound effects and dialogues add to the game’s atmosphere. Despite the high-quality sound, some players noted that the melodies could become repetitive over time.

Sound effects are meticulously crafted so that each attack and character action has its unique sound. This helps players better navigate the battle and quickly react to events. The music also adapts to different modes and situations, creating the appropriate atmosphere for each battle.

Interface and Controls

The user interface in Squad Busters is simple and intuitive. The main control elements are conveniently placed, allowing players to quickly adapt to the game. The control mechanics are designed for a wide audience, including newcomers to the genre.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

The game’s interface is designed so that players can easily find and use all necessary functions. The menus and control panels are clearly structured, simplifying navigation and access to various aspects of the game. This is especially important in dynamic multiplayer matches, where every second counts.

Multiplayer Mode and Social Features

The multiplayer mode is the heart of Squad Busters, focusing strongly on cooperative and competitive play. The game supports a real-time matchmaking system, allowing players to quickly find matches and dive into the action.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Currently, Squad Busters lacks built-in chat functions and other means for direct communication with other players during the game. Players can add friends by ID, but discovering another player’s ID without external communication is quite challenging.

Adding Friends

Players can add friends by their IDs. However, to obtain this ID, players must use external communication methods such as social networks or messengers. Alternatively, players can try to find and add someone from the regional top players list, but this approach is not very practical.

The advantage of the ID system is that it allows players to invite their acquaintances and friends from other Supercell games, but newcomers without friends already playing this game may find it difficult to connect.

Lack of Built-in Chat

The game does not feature built-in chat, which limits coordination and communication between players during the game. Players must use external apps and platforms for communication and coordination.

Team Games and Coordination

Team formation occurs through the matchmaking system, preventing players from pre-coordinating their actions or strategies. For those seeking deeper social functions and team play, this may be inconvenient.

According to information from the developers, Supercell has not yet announced plans to add built-in chat to the game. The primary focus is on improving gameplay and adding new content, such as new characters and modes. Social features like clans or guilds are also not mentioned in the near-future plans.


Supercell actively develops and supports the community around Squad Busters through various social networks and platforms. Here’s an overview of the current state of the community and key social channels:

  • Discord: The official Squad Busters server on Discord is the main hub for player communication and game discussions. The server regularly publishes news, strategies, and other useful materials. The server has over 91,000 members actively participating in the game’s life.
  • YouTube: Supercell uses YouTube to post trailers, reviews, and other video materials related to the game. This channel helps players stay updated on new updates and improvements. A search for “Squad Busters” on YouTube shows numerous videos from content creators sharing their impressions and strategies. The channel has over 473,000 subscribers.
  • Twitter: The official Squad Busters account on Twitter publishes news, updates, and important announcements. This channel is also used for community interaction and player feedback. The account has more than 97,000 followers.
  • Reddit: The community on Reddit actively discusses strategies, shares tips, and posts news about the game. Reddit provides a platform for deeper analysis and discussion of various aspects of the game. The subreddit has over 27,000 members.
  • TikTok: An absolute leader with over 1 million followers, mainly publishing game content, advertisements, and promotional materials.

The Squad Busters community actively participates in discussions on these platforms. Players share strategies, tactics, and create game guides, helping new players quickly get acclimated. Supercell also interacts with the community, listening to feedback and making changes based on player suggestions.

Squad Busters attracts a wide audience, from casual players to hardcore gamers. The game is popular across all age groups, explained by its accessibility and engaging gameplay.

Monetization and Game Economy

Squad Busters uses a free-to-play model with in-game purchases. Players can buy Battle Items, Characters, and Battle Passes, which offer exclusive rewards. Supercell carefully monitors the game’s balance to ensure that in-game purchases do not significantly impact gameplay or provide an advantage in battles, as all characters and essential game elements can be unlocked through active participation in the game. But is this really the case?

In-Game Resources and Economy

The main resources in the game are coins, Gems, Experience, Chest Tickets, Hammers, and Portal Energy. Let’s break down each type and their purposes.

Coins are essential for purchasing Baby Troops, Chest Tickets, and Battle Items. In general, they are the primary resource in the game, necessary for increasing character star levels and obtaining additional bonuses during and after battles.

At the start of the game, each player is given 10,000 coins. The main source of coins is the Squad Journey, which provides rewards for leveling up and transitioning to new worlds. Coins can also be earned in Challenges, Battle Passes, by tapping on glowing characters in the main game screen, and from daily chests in the player’s base.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

To help new players feel more comfortable with the number of coins they have, the developers created the Beginner Challenge. By completing daily tasks, players receive gold and unique items upon completing all six daily tasks.

Additionally, coins can be purchased for real money in the Shop, ranging from $1.19 to $119.99 (for iOS users). It should be noted that the higher the price of the package, the more coins you receive.

Coins can be spent on purchasing Baby Troops in the Shop, allowing players to merge characters more quickly for higher star levels.

Gems in Squad Busters are the primary resource for winning battles. Gems can be obtained during battles by chopping trees, killing monsters, mining gems, and other in-game elements.

Gems are also a progression resource in Battle Passes, granting various levels of rewards. Each Battle Pass has a second, purchasable level of access, which provides higher and premium rewards. For example, in the first Starter Season, this premium access costs $5.99 (iOS).

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Experience is earned by players for each battle, with more experience gained for higher placement. Experience likely affects matchmaking and the developers may reveal more benefits of high levels in the future.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Chest Tickets essentially serve as access to obtaining chests with Baby Troops after each battle. Currently, players can have a maximum of 3 Chest Tickets, which regenerate at a rate of one every three hours.

However, there’s no need to worry prematurely, as players will receive many Chest Tickets while progressing through levels, completing achievements, and they can always be purchased (2,500 coins for one or 6,000 coins for three).

Even if you run out of Chest Tickets or simply don’t want to buy them, you can still play without them; you just won’t receive loot with Baby Troops after matches.

Hammers in Squad Busters are earned in small quantities during battles and can also be obtained for completing levels or achievements. Hammers are needed for purchasing and decorating the player’s base on the main game screen. Decorations vary in rarity and vibrancy. This can be considered an element of personalization within the game; possibly, special parameters will be added in the future, but for now, it is purely cosmetic.

Portal Energy is a resource for progressing through the Squad Journey and can be earned by evolving characters and achieving milestones in the Monsters, Battle Mods, and Spells sections. New achievements unlock based on the position in the Squad Journey and overall progress in achievements.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell
Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Monetization and In-Game Purchases

As in other Supercell games, Squad Busters offers ample opportunities for in-game purchases. Players can obtain new rare characters in each new world, premium Battle Passes, and other advantageous packages for greater results in the game.

From the very start, the most attractive purchase is the Super Pass, where players can get a MEGA unit and many other bonuses upon completing tasks for $5.99 (iOS).

There are also limited-time offers for purchasing three-star characters for $23.99 (iOS), which is more appealing to the affluent audience or dedicated players aiming for serious rankings or streaming the game.

Upon reaching a new world (e.g., Desert World), players are offered limited-time first Baby Troop rare heroes of that world (e.g., Max for $7.99 for Desert World, iOS).

As in other games, there are always daily and weekly offers for purchasing battle items or hammers along with coins (ranging from $2.49 to $3.49 on iOS devices).

Overall, the monetization of microtransactions in Squad Busters seems quite reasonable and does not globally affect the game process. However, players can gain a significant boost for the game for just $20 in the form of a MEGA unit, rare heroes, or even a three-star character level, which adds a new unique skill and makes them much stronger. Players not making in-game purchases will have to play for several days to achieve such rare characters and other bonuses. We will closely monitor feedback on this aspect of the game for further analysis in the gaming industry.

Criticism and Comparison

Despite numerous positive reviews, Squad Busters has not escaped criticism. Some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the matchmaking system, noting unbalanced teams and long queue times. There have also been complaints about the unbalanced cost of certain in-game packages and a perceived increased reliance on microtransactions.

Squad Busters stands out among other mobile games due to its unique blend of casual gameplay and strategic depth. Unlike League of Legends: Wild Rift, which targets a more hardcore audience, Squad Busters offers a more accessible experience, appealing to a broader audience. This makes the game ideal for those seeking a balance between fun and strategy.

Compared to other Supercell games like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, Squad Busters may seem less innovative. While these games introduced entirely new and unique game mechanics, Squad Busters relies heavily on time-tested concepts and mechanics.

Upon its global release, Squad Busters continues to face issues with connectivity on mobile internet. This, combined with the lack of well-thought-out social features, impacts its rating (3.6/5 on Google Play).

However, at the time of writing, players praise the game for its engaging gameplay, high-quality graphics and sound, and a variety of game modes. For example, the game reached 5 million downloads faster than any other Supercell game, which confirms its high popularity and demand among players.

Technical Aspects

Squad Busters impresses with its performance on various devices. The game is optimized to run smoothly across different platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience regardless of their device. Notably, the game maintains smooth performance even under high loads in multiplayer battles.

Compared to other games in the genre, Squad Busters loads quickly and easily during the global launch phase. This important aspect contributes to the game’s popularity and helps retain players for longer periods.

Nevertheless, not everything is perfect. Player reviews indicate issues with poor connectivity on mobile internet and subpar optimization on some devices. Supercell should pay attention to these reviews, especially during the global launch stage.

Currently, the game runs more smoothly, but earlier stages were plagued with frequent errors, reloads, and login difficulties. We believe Supercell has resolved these issues, ensuring they do not affect the future of Squad Busters.

The Future of the Game

Supercell continues to actively develop Squad Busters, planning to introduce new features and mechanics that will make the game even more exciting. In upcoming updates, players can expect new maps, character balance improvements, and additional customization options for their squads. Supercell also plans to introduce new seasonal events, offering unique rewards and quests.


Squad Busters is a prime example of how Supercell continues to evolve and offer high-quality and engaging games. With its variety of game modes, unique characters, and advanced gameplay, the game promises to become another hit for the company. Despite some shortcomings, Squad Busters has already won the hearts of many players and continues to gain popularity.

Whether you are an experienced gamer or a newcomer to strategy games, Squad Busters offers something interesting for everyone. With its captivating gameplay and immersive world, Squad Busters is poised to become a favorite among gamers worldwide.

However, the game is not without its flaws. The somewhat undeveloped reliance on microtransactions during the global launch phase may deter players unwilling to spend real money. Compared to other Supercell games like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, Squad Busters seems less innovative and offers familiar mechanics, which might disappoint long-time fans of the studio. Additionally, compared to competitors like Mobile Legends or League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game is less complex and deep, making it less appealing to hardcore gamers.

The game also lacks a well-thought-out communication system, as reflected in its ratings on platforms like Google Play and the Apple Store. Supercell should focus on this aspect, as players not only want to enjoy the game but also interact on interesting topics, play together without hassle, and avoid needing to use social networks to find friends in the game.

Considering all the pros and cons, Squad Busters deserves a rating of 7 out of 10. It is a high-quality and entertaining game that, despite its minor flaws, can offer many hours of fun and exciting moments.

Squad Busters: A New Milestone in Mobile Gaming by Supercell

Interesting Facts

Development: Squad Busters was developed over approximately three years, going through several stages of internal and beta testing.

Community Involvement: Supercell actively involves players in the development process by conducting surveys and collecting feedback to improve the game.

Advertising: Recent marketing materials feature content with popular actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Christina Ricci, Ken Jeong, Will Arnett, and Auli’i Cravalho.

Crossovers: The game features characters from all previous Supercell games, making it appealing to fans of the company. Developers also plan to introduce characters from other franchises, adding extra interest and variety to the game.

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