Efficient Web Store Creation for Mobile Games with Fungies.io

In the dynamic mobile gaming industry, having a direct sales channel can significantly boost a game’s success. However, the complexity and resource requirements of developing a web store from the ground up make it a formidable challenge. This article will discuss why mobile gaming companies should consider leveraging an existing platform like Fungies.io to build their web store, focusing on the critical role of seamless UX/UI for enhancing player experience.

The Drawback of In-House Development

Opting for in-house web store development involves more than just assembling a dedicated team of developers, designers, and product managers. It’s a substantial financial commitment and a strategic decision that can significantly impact a company’s resources and focus. Building a fully customized e-commerce experience to meet the specific needs of players and the gaming industry is not just about creating an online store. It encompasses designing a user-friendly interface, ensuring secure payment processing, integrating various payment methods, and providing customer support, among other essential features.

Efficient Web Store Creation for Mobile Games with Fungies.io
With Fungiesio Web Store builder everything can be done with no coding involved

The cost of developing such a sophisticated e-commerce solution from scratch is substantial. Companies can expect to spend north of $100,000 when considering the salaries of specialized personnel, software licenses, infrastructure costs, and other expenses associated with a project of this magnitude. This figure can escalate quickly as additional features and customizations are implemented to cater to a global audience, comply with various international regulations, and maintain high-security standards to protect customer data.

Moreover, the investment goes beyond financial expenditures. The time and effort spent on development, testing, and maintenance of an in-house web store divert valuable resources away from core activities such as game development, marketing, and customer engagement. This can slow down a company’s ability to innovate and respond to market changes quickly.

Fungies.io technology offers a compelling alternative by providing a robust, ready-to-use platform that eliminates the need for extensive in-house development. By leveraging Fungies.io, gaming companies can launch a fully featured web store in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of developing one from scratch. Fungies.io’s platform is designed specifically for the gaming industry, offering customizable templates, secure payment integrations, global payment method support, and a user-friendly interface that enhances the shopping experience for gamers.

Efficient Web Store Creation for Mobile Games with Fungies.io
Dashboard with all the sales data from the Web Store

Utilizing Fungies.io not only results in significant cost savings but also allows companies to focus on what they do best: creating engaging gaming experiences. With Fungies.io handling the complexities of e-commerce, gaming companies can dedicate their resources to developing new titles, expanding their market presence, and building strong relationships with their player base. This strategic decision supports growth and sustainability by optimizing resource allocation and maximizing the return on investment.

Fungies.io Web Store vs. other technology providers

It’s also crucial to verify if your web shop provider, such as Fungies.io, can deliver worldwide coverage along with a wide array of popular and relevant payment methods. This ensures that your customers can effortlessly purchase your games and virtual items using their preferred payment options and in their local currency. It’s worth noting that 40% of players abandon their shopping carts when their favored payment method isn’t available.

While debit and credit cards have traditionally dominated the payment scene, accounting for nearly half of all global transactions, the trend is shifting. In key gaming markets such as China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and Brazil, there’s a growing preference for alternative payment methods (APMs) due to the limited accessibility and convenience of traditional bank cards for some users.

Efficient Web Store Creation for Mobile Games with Fungies.io
Manage Game Assets from one place

Adapting to the evolving online payment landscape can significantly expand your game’s reach to a broader audience. Here are some enlightening statistics:

  • A significant majority, 90% of unique paying users in critical regions (China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and Germany), prefer using APMs.
  • Analysis of transactions through Fungies.io reveals that introducing a new APM can lead to up to 30% of new paying users adopting it. Additionally, about 10% of existing users switch from credit cards to these new payment options.

The reasons for this shift are varied. Some users value the immediacy of transactions through instant or real-time payment methods like open banking, Pix, and UPI. Others prioritize security and wish to keep their bank card details confidential, turning to digital wallets. In regions with a high number of unbanked individuals, the lack of access to traditional banking means relying on cash-based alternatives like prepaid cards and mobile money payments. Lastly, some consumers appreciate the option to split their payments into equal, interest-free installments for greater payment flexibility.

For further insights, consider the following outcomes experienced by partners who have expanded globally with Fungies.io’s support of over 700 payment methods:

  • Conversion rates have seen a boost of 10-30%.
  • A surge in website traffic, with over a 1000% increase in monthly visits.
  • Annual transaction counts have soared to more than 350,000.
  • A 200% rise in the acquisition of new customers.

Embracing a diverse range of payment options through Fungies.io not only caters to player preferences but also significantly enhances your business metrics by making your games more accessible and appealing to a global audience.

Advantages of Choosing Fungies.io

Fungies.io offers a streamlined and efficient pathway for mobile gaming companies aiming to establish their web stores. Here’s how to do it and why Fungies.io stands out:

  1. Start with Ease: Sign up and access the website builder from the dashboard, a gateway to user-friendly tools and features.
  2. Select or Customize Templates: With Fungies.io, choose from gaming-optimized templates or request a bespoke design, ensuring your store aligns with your brand identity.
  3. Personalize Your Store: Adjust fonts, colors, and page sections to echo the visual style of your game, making your web store not just a marketplace but an extension of the game itself.
  4. Upload Game Assets: Seamlessly upload your mobile game’s assets to the store, maintaining a consistent and engaging visual narrative.
  5. Enable Webhooks: Utilize webhooks for instant transaction notifications, linking your game’s backend with the store smoothly.
  6. Establish Your Online Presence: Set up a custom domain to strengthen your brand’s web presence, enhancing visibility and trust among players.
  7. Manage Player Interactions: Keep tabs on your players with built-in tools, fostering a community and ensuring direct communication.
  8. Integrate Financial Transactions: With Stripe integration, manage your earnings efficiently and securely, directing funds straight to your company’s account.
Efficient Web Store Creation for Mobile Games with Fungies.io
A fully customizable checkout process for your players with your branding and logo

Significance of Seamless UX/UI

A web store’s success largely depends on its usability and the customer’s shopping experience. Fungies.io places immense importance on providing a frictionless UX/UI, which is crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction levels, improving retention rates, and ultimately driving sales.

Efficient Web Store Creation for Mobile Games with Fungies.io
With Fungiesio Website Builder you can easily customize the look and feel according to your branding

Embracing External Web Stores for Greater Profitability

In conclusion, establishing a web store with Fungies.io not only simplifies the sales process for mobile gaming companies but also presents a strategic advantage in the face of industry challenges. Notably, it allows developers to circumvent the traditional 30% commission fees charged by App Stores. With the recent developments in the Digital Markets Act, both Apple and Google are moving towards allowing developers to link directly to external web stores within their apps. This shift represents a significant opportunity for game developers to retain a larger portion of their revenue while offering players a seamless purchasing experience. By leveraging Fungies.io, developers can easily tap into these benefits, ensuring their games are not only more profitable but also more accessible to their target audience.

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Fungies.io helps game developers create their own storefronts or marketplaces to sell directly to players. Web2 and Web3 compatible.

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Fungies.io helps game developers create their own storefronts or marketplaces to sell directly to players. Web2 and Web3 compatible.

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