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BomberPet presents a universe where animals battle for Ambrosia Bottles in several fully PVP game modes. BomberPet is a PVP strategy game for mobile/PC, inspired by classics like Bomberman, DDtank and Wacky Races, where any player with skill and strategy can earn Ambrosia Bottles by winning exciting battles in one of the game modes. The game has four modes, fully PVP focused. Bomber Mode will be the first to be deployed, then the War Mode, the Racer Mode and finally the Betting Center should be released according to the roadmap in the Whitepaper V2. There are many ways to earn income from BomberPet by buying, selling or creating new pets, robots, cannons or cars. You can also become a farmer and earn from the marketplace trading animal food. You will be able to rent characters to new players or even become the owner of a Land, which allows you to get paid without needing to play. Developed by Gamer Town Studios and partners, BomberPet is a multichain play-to-earn game.