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A Wolf in Autumn

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Author: David Szymanski After escaping from a locked shed, a young girl finds herself in the middle of an idyllic autumn forest. At first her surroundings seem peaceful, and she's comforted by her mother's voice coming through a strange tin device. But gradually, things begin to turn disturbing and sinister. And the distant howling of wolves begins to move closer... A Wolf in Autumn is a dark, surreal psychological horror game, from the developer of Fingerbones,The Moon Sliver, and The Music Machine. It focuses on creating a short engaging horror experience that relies on narrative, pacing, context, and atmosphere rather than jump scares. Voice acting by Julie Hoverson Puzzles can be solved using real-world logic, often in several different ways. A twisting psychological experience using a combination of gameplay interaction and narrative. A diverse set of influences, including 'The Sound and The Fury,' 'Silent Hill 2,' and 'Mulholland Drive.' This is not a Unity Asset Store collection. Modeling, music, environments, and programming were done from scratch. Textures were based off of stock photos ( Sound effects were manufactured from creative commons samples. Intended to be completed in a single sitting of around 1 hour. It does not feature a save system. Deals with potentially disturbing themes. Free copy of the full original soundtrack is included Designed and optimized to run on the recommended hardware.





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