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Asteroids... But Roguelite

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Author: GhostGoats Author Email: [email protected] Asteroids... But Roguelite is a game about shooting enemy ships and (you guessed it) asteroids in order to increase your score. Your multiplier grows as you kill enemies and resets when you get hit. Visit the store after bosses in order to upgrade your ship and score higher. Try to get a build going that can survive long enough to rack up a large multiplier in order to take your place on the leaderboard! In between rounds, you can purchase various upgrades from the shop of which there are currently over 40 of. You can also spend money on rolling different quests to undertake. Some quests just give you a bonus for defeating a set amount of enemies, some actually upgrade your abilities themselves. For example, there's a quest for killing 50 enemies with your laser to unlock a double laser. And that's it! Blow up enemies and asteroids, use your money to increase your power, and aim for a spot on the leaderboard. Once you die, your run is over and you can start again. I made this game in a little under four months. It's not my life's work, but I think it has a good amount of content for it's price point. I want to be clear with setting expectations that this isn't a 100 hour game, and it's priced accordingly. What you get is a high-score chasing shoot-em-up with multiple upgrade paths and quests to complete. I've added a video of me playing for under 5 minute and defeating on of the randomized





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