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Bad Faith

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Author: Mado Author Email: [email protected] In the middle of a lake, on an isolated island, lies the Haven. Made up of several young women and their sole, elderly leader, the Haven is a community that shelters those who are pure of heart and mind. In order to protect the Haven from the corruption outside of the island, the community hosts Apologia Assemblies: mandatory gatherings where misdeeds are discussed - and given appropriate punishments. One member, Magda, has complicated feelings about the Haven. She loves living there, but hates its punishments. And so, after one particularly stressful Assembly, Magda wanders through the nearby woods to clear her mind. Then, she discovers a mysterious building, and her curiosity stirs... The protagonist of Bad Faith. Magda is a perceptive yet timid young woman who works within the Haven's Art Sect. Because of past events, she tries her best to follow the Haven's strict rules. A member of the Haven's Architectural Sect and Magda's close friend. Grace is a sensitive, law-abiding soul who adores the Haven, but also cares for her loved ones. A prominent member of the Haven's Writing Sect. Cerise and her stories are highly-regarded, but she acts hostile towards Magda. The prodigious head of the Haven's Research Sect. Eve is a calm and collected individual whose papers are praised for their promotion of Haven values. The head of the Haven's Art Sect. Maria is a wise, nurturing figure to everyone within her sect. The leader of the Haven. Lady Amaris is older than the other Haven members, and maintains a steadfast air.







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