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Beyond a Total Loss

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Author: Pseudobug You play as a balding mustachioed dim-witted drunk called John Harry and you just drove your car off a cliff. Lost in the woods and attacked from all sides by strange vicious beasts, your prospects seem bleak. But then a local game warden comes to your rescue and offers you a gun to protect yourself. You just have to sign a little contract… It seems like your troubles are over, or have they just begun? Features BLOOD: Know your health by the amount of blood on your face! ALCOHOL: Mix cocktails and feel their effects! VIOLENCE: Shoot bullets from guns into horribly deformed creatures! ABUSE: Experience verbal abuse by people you hardly know! PUZZLES: Find out if the rusty key fits into the rusty lock! TALKING: Have a conversation with other weirdos! CHOICES: Conversation choices sometimes have consequences and sometimes don’t! INVENTORY TETRIS: Unleash your inner OCD by managing your inventory! LOVE: Fall in love, or just watch dirty pictures! THE END: Experience three totally different endings depending on decisions you made! MINIMAL HUD: Use your brain to remember how many bullets you have left! PHILOSOPHY: Find out if worms are moral beings!





$15 or less




Input methods:


Xbox controller

Average session length:

A few hours

Multiplayer features:

Accessibility features:

Configurable controls

Interactive tutorial