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CARROT: Pancakes & Waffles

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Author: ChaseFox For people who love reading : CARROT: Pancakes and Waffles is a tiny walking simulator game that takes place in a small coastal town. You can choose to play as one of the two main characters. Explore their home to learn about them, while doing that you might encounter NPCs that will also go on about their life. This game functions exactly like a digital house that you can walk around inside. The game is suitable for players who enjoy existing in a hand-crafted digital space and admiring the art. There is essentially nothing to "do" in this game. There will be no goal to work toward, no quest to complete, no progression mechanic and no ending to achieve. When you start the game, you will start a new in-game day. Each day brings with it a new set of experiences. For example, different food will be served at Lunch and Dinner everyday, the NPCs will have different agenda everyday. You control how time flows, everytime you eat a meal, time will move forward. Play until night time and go to bed to end the day and start a new day..





$15 or less




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About a half-hour

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