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Errant Kingdom

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Author: Lunaris Games Author Email: [email protected] Errant Kingdom is a queer, high-fantasy visual novel for PC, Mac & Linux, brought to you by Lunaris Games, a small team of queer developers. After a long delay and porting the game to a different engine, we have now finished releasing the final version in its entirety. Errant Kingdom contains approximately 590,00 words and over 60 CGs in total. The Kingdom of Novus has been thrown into disarray, and it's up to you to decide if you’ll help to bring peace, or if you’ll stoke the fires of chaos. Enter a high fantasy world steeped in political intrigue; where magic touches the land and blood turns the wheels unseen. Dishonor & betrayal. Hope & despair. Pick a side, and meet your match. Errant Kingdom is a story with darker elements at play. As a denizen of the kingdom of Novus, you're at the heart of watching history unfold before your eyes. Whether you see its rise or fall, however, is up to you. There are those who will help you in your endeavors along the way, and might even find themselves enamored with you. Though, it is also possible to earn their ire should your plans be devious. Only you will influence how the story evolves, and the most important moves to make are yours, and yours alone. The game features three playable protagonists (with no fixed protagonist portrait, leaving players free to imagine their character as they see fit) and eight potential romance routes (six individual, two polyamorous). You can also play the game without romancing anyone and it will not affect your experience in any way.






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