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Fist's Elimination Tower

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Author: kyatt7 [Impostor Cat Games] Contestants, come on up! Cash, prizes, and glory await you at the top of Fist's Elimination Tower, a 150-story obstacle course full of robot bunnies that explode on contact and fists that spring out of the wall. Jump on all of the floor's robots in one consecutive chain to bounce your way up to the next floor, but make sure that you don't take more than 5 seconds or break your chain, or you'll get zapped. Also... LOOK OUT FOR FISTS! When a contestant is eliminated, they're replaced with the next one in line. The contestants are randomly generated, but you can also create contestants using the Casting menu. Furthermore, some special guest contestants (conguestants?) have found their way into the tower! Win hats and other accessories for your contestants to wear on the big spin board or by completing Fist's List, a set of 34 challenges ranging from goofy to near-impossible. The show's host and namesake, Allison Fist, is there to teach you how to play, track your progress up the tower, and berate you for getting eliminated. She's also prepared to redesign the tower, should it ever get beaten. Unlock new difficulty modes and sets to rearrange and redecorate Fist's Elimination Tower and switch things up over repeat playthroughs. A gamepad is recommended, but optional - you can also play using either the WASD or arrow keys. This purchase includes a Steam code that you can redeem for a copy of Fist's Elimination Tower over there too.






$5 or less




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Gamepad (any)

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A few minutes

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Color-blind friendly