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Author: jeremycouillard Author Email: [email protected] Travel the galaxy, find a dog, watch billionaires put together Ikea furniture, get mentally healthy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You wake up as an alien from Karzalinx, not knowing what your name is or how you got there. Soon you discover that your planet has been taken over by a giant evil spa cult. You have to find a way to escape through a space-time ganglion that can take you to various alien colonies throughout the universe. Your goal is to get to Earth where aliens are attempting to right the wrongs of humans by doing things such as forcing former billionaires to put together Ikea furniture for regular people. Among all the confusion of a recently colonized planet you hear of a kidnapped scientist who can help you find out what your name stands for. >>>Full controller support. (On keyboard: Shift to run fast, Ctrl to duck, W/A/S/D and mouse to move around) >>>The game takes around one hour if you go through it at a regular pace. To do all the extras maybe another hour or two. >>>It's pretty resource heavy. I like trying to make these experiences as nice looking as possible. The lowest machine I was able to test on was with 8 gigs of ram and an NVidia GTX780ti. If you are able to use anything lower let me know! >>>Steam key comes with download so you can install on there if you wish to do the Steam achievements and cloud saves. Be sure to click on the "request key" button on the download page. If it says to try again later please contact me and let me know. Some quotes from a pre-release stream: “Whatever it is this guy takes to make this stuff I hope he ODs on it next time.” “Like if you put one of those bingo cages only every number was a different conspiracy theory, that’s his brain lmao” “No wonder this guy hates the rich, because he doesn’t know how to handle his own damn money, just like everyone else who hates the rich. Take some responsibility for once in your life” “This is kind of cute weirdly enough” “BS communism endorsing trash” “One time my Italian teacher taught us about our chakras instead of teaching us Italian”





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