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Rogue'n Roll

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Author: Spychopat Rogue'n Roll is a fast paced roguelike top-down shooter. On each floor you have to survive the waves of enemies and beat the boss to access the next floor. Death is permanent, and you'll have to restart from the first floor if your not careful enough. Each floor is proceduraly generated and contains random powerups, weapons and enemies. While the game become harder as you progress, you also get better weapons and stack various powerups for deadly combos ! Like other roguelikes, Rogue'n Roll requires a part of luck and knowledge. To see the end of the game, you will need to die several times until you get good items and know the choices and strategies to apply. When you die, your work is not useless. By killing monsters you earn experience allowing you to level up your account. On each level up you earn 3 random weapons or powerups that will be available on your next runs. Upcoming changes on the game My next main goals are : add content (monsters, weapons powerups) add decorations on environement improve feedback for player (ie. when the player get hit) add more sounds and music a lot of polish (ie. custom cursor, revamp UI, better animations and models)








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