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The Away Team

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The Away Team Author: Underflow Studios Author Email: [email protected] Game Email: [email protected] You are the AI in charge of Earth's final interstellar spaceship, tasked with delivering your human crew to a suitable new home among the stars. The fate of previous ships is unknown--with a set of galactic maps to guide you, it's your job to decide which planets to visit, which crew to send down to the surface, and which choices they should make along the way. You are humanity's last hope. Your choice matters! Each of ten possible crew members has a distinct set of attributes, traits and flaws that will impact your chances, so choose wisely! With over 30 planets and stations to visit, over 700 choices to make, and near-infinite randomized sector maps to visit, there are countless paths to take across the galaxy. A novel's worth of adventure! Over 120,000 words of text across multiple playthroughs provide a rich storyline full of action, suspense, drama and horror. Can you find your way down all four paths to victory? Customizable Lua-based missions and json-based data files make writing and scripting your own missions simple, and creating new characters is a breeze with the in-game character creator. Write yourself into the game, or include your friends and see who survives. Eat your crew Food and fuel are hard to come by in deep space. Choose wisely but quickly in charting your course--when supplies run out, tough decisions will be in store, and cannibalism might be the only option...






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Input methods:

Gamepad (any)

HTC Vive

Average session length:

About an hour

Multiplayer features:

Server-based networked multiplayer

Ad-hoc networked multiplayer

Accessibility features:

Configurable controls




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