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Treachery in Beatdown City

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Author: nuchallenger Author Email: [email protected] "The most relevant, antiracist video game of 2020" - LA Times In Treachery in Beatdown City you play as 3 unique heroes using an all new beat 'em up X RPG combat system to fight hoards of fascist cops, disorderly grunts, racist shouting drunks, gentrifying preppsters, entitled joggers, rap cd slangin' grapplers, affluent punks, tech startup bikers, and MORE! Will they save Blake Orama from the Ninja Dragon Terrorists? You have to play to find out! FEATURES: Your wits are more important than your reflexes - Build unique combos using a menu based system and watch your combos some to life! Build your own combos, using 3 completely different fighters. This is not your standard brawler - made for fans of beat 'em ups, RPGs, fighting games, and/or tactics games. There's something here for all of you! Engage in hilarious Key and Peele meets Get Out dialog with enemies before hopping into fights! Explore intricately designed urban environments, heal at Halal carts, find items in dumpsters and avoid all of the seemingly endless construction Vibe out to an amazing timeless soundtrack by Inverse Phase, former Mr. Magfest, and composer of such albums as Pretty Eight Machine and the Chipping of Isaac.








Input methods:


Xbox controller

Average session length:

A few minutes

Multiplayer features:

Accessibility features:

Color-blind friendly

Interactive tutorial