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Author: ARQUOIA Author Email: [email protected] ...inspiration exists, but it has to find you dancing with your controller. Move playfully to create appealing and mesmerizing pictures and moods. To win, do not seek. Find. Surprise yourself. Lift up your state of mind. Out of confusion, as the way is, and the wonder, out of the chaos would come bliss... ...the game is about the ultimate goal, getting free. All forms of control subject us to memory. A controlled mind can never act freely or spontaneously. To win, request the overstrained mind to go in the background for a while - just be aware of the fact of your existence without wanting to change it... ...someone in wonder watching its art is the aim and the end. — Reviews — “Pretty radical. You find yourself fixated on order which emerged from your own exploration... a solipsistic self-portrait built up out of feedback.” —Bennett Foddy, NYU Game Center “In letting go, I was able to accept that what is happening on screen is a collaborative experience. Ironically, I felt more in control as a result.” —Notable Releases — Features — ▪ Experimental – A surreal near death experience. ▪ Simple but hard – You create the colors by changing your position, the angle and the hue. But to compose something scintillating, it takes awareness, patience and a sense of wonder. Any best way to succeed depends solely on the eye of the beholder. ▪ Plethora – A myriad of creative possibility. As everything is constantly changing slightly, no two players or sessions will ever be able to create exactly the same picture. ▪ Peaceful – There is no time limit and it is impossible to get hurt or die. ▪ Non-linear – A synaptic, semi-linear groundwork to play with. ▪ Some humble fame – A walkable museum website, where you can view beautiful player‘s stills with their respective author's name.





$15 or less



Input methods:



Xbox controller

Average session length:

A few hours

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