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Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord GOLD

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Author: Leslaw Sliwko Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord is a refreshingly fun strategy title that marries a tabletop wargame with elements of RPG. The game features a huge variety of units, a novel hex-free battle system, morale, and multiplayer. Play as a manipulative succubuss or a brutal orc warchief in two story driven campaigns! Strategy Guide - the series has grown into a complex creation with multiple intertwined subsystems. Early 2018 players asked why Age of Fear had no guide? Therefore, we have put together the Strategy Guide! ( FEATURE LIST Two long scenarios - play as a manipulative succubuss or a brutal orc warchief in fully voiced story driven campaigns! Hex-free battle system - units are no longer constrained to artificial grids. Unit's size matters too. Steam Workshop integration - create your own world and share with the community! Easy to Play but Hard to Master - Age of Fear is very easy to pick up but with deep and emergent strategy. Low hardware requirements - the game will even work on that old laptop of yours. Permanent death - all characters that fall in a battle will stay dead - unless an evil Necromancer raises them as Zombies! Diverse enemy roster - game features 160+ unique units with over 250 different spells and skills. AI behaviour is modelled on a neural network system and influence maps. Age of Fear has probably one of the most advanced strategic AI's ever created! Items and artifacts - there are over 100 unique items in Age of Fear, which are randomly distributed. Items not only give bonuses, but also unlock powerful skills and spells.






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