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Am Madness

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Author: DigitalCrypt Completing each difficulty level (Easy, Normal and Madness) in order will unlock power-ups that will help you with the next difficulty. Along the way you will earn the ability to use shields and even see helpful echos from the past... But it's likely you will still fail. Beating The Madness and reaching the "true ending" is the ultimate goal, but it is rare anyone ever truly escapes madness... Somewhere within, the true story of Ma Sadness hides from you, the pleasure of standing around in the rain is rewarded, the guilt of cheating your way through is just six keys away, and the exhilaration of beating something harder than Darkeater Midir awaits you. Features: Easy Difficulty - Face The Madness with the help of a single use, always on shield. It will make things a little easier.... Normal Difficulty - Face The Madness with three lives and escape both normal and dark curse level variations Madness Difficulty - Face The True Madness with just one life. Play through The Madness level variations and DIE Three types of visors to unlock. The first will allow you to activate a shield, the second will let you see past echos, and the third will allow you to reach the true ending Three unique endings Puzzle levels & normal levels (some levels will require you to find the safest route, some will require a specific route. Watch those enemy patterns and plan your next move carefully! Hidden levels and hidden paths Two display modes - Clean & Glow (Glow may help you with some levels!) Soundtrack by "Last Child Left" 10 achievements that give true bragging rights!





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Xbox controller

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A few hours

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