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Courier of the Crypts

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Author: Emberheart Games Author Email: [email protected] The crypts, once a sacred place of mourning, is now a place of corruption, where dark rituals are practiced, unbeknownst to the world outside.. Survive as a Courier on his first errand to the ominous crypts in this puzzle adventure game. Your main tool to achieve the delivery is a magic torch, which you use to illuminate your path, defend from darkness and solve puzzles. The Magic Torch The main aspect of the game is your magic torch. The environment will react to its flames in different ways so it will be common for you to toggle the flame on and off throughout the game. Some enemies will leave you alone while others will try to extinguish the torch. It's up to you to learn all about them and use that knowledge to your advantage. You can lure some enemies into traps or sneak past them. Will you let Dark Moths drink your light or attack you? Find riddles in the dark that only the magic flame can reveals. Enemies and puzzles should not be your main worry though... Flame is a limited resource, which keeps you safe from the dark spirits – it must never run out! Features Adventure story never told before Over 20 hand-crafted maps to explore Great atmosphere Lots of secrets Variety of enemies & puzzles Music and visuals for perfect ominous ambient. Secret maps Torch mechanics that will keep you going Challenging achievements Perfection system Crypts shop with perks Arachnophobia filter





$15 or less





Input methods:


Xbox controller

Average session length:

A few minutes

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