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Distress: A Choice-Driven Sci-Fi Adventure

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Author: Javy Gwaltney Author Email: [email protected] Distress is a branching visual novel for PC/Mac/Linux inspired by the likes of Silent Hill, Snatcher, and Mass Effect. Trapped in a city filled with deadly creatures and a ruthless militarized task force controlled by a shadowy administrator, you’ll have to use your wits and make tough decisions in order to survive. You’re responsible not just for your own life, but the lives of your crew as well. Make your choices. Live with the consequences. Good luck, captain. Features A 100K word branching sci-fi horror story with over 100 endings written and designed by Javy Gwaltney, the creator of The Terror Aboard The Speedwell, You Were Made For Loneliness, and The Right Side Of Town Beautiful art from professional illustrator and cartoonist Ian Higginbotham. An electric, synthwave soundtrack by composer Erandi Huipe (The Right Side Of Town). Free access to post-launch content, including cutscenes, new art, and storylines. Content Warning: Distress is a horror game through and through and deals with scenes that involve gore, violence, and profanity. The game also tackles dark themes including suicide, murder, depression, loneliness, slavery, fascism, and PTSD. What Folks Are Saying About Distress Distress has many consequences in store, as the game features eighty different outcomes that you can reach depending on how you bluff, command, and fight your way through an array of difficult encounters with the ruthless aliens and cunning people. It’s not all about danger, though, as you’ll spend a lot of time with your crew as you unravel mysteries, getting to feel the bond between them for yourself as you read through the banter between them. This only makes things that much more stressful when one of their lives is on the line, though, as you’ll have shared in that connection with the crew. Touching, devious, and utterly devastating when you fail a friend, Distress offers an intriguing mystery in a gloomy future."







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