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Keatz - The Lonely Bird

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Author: AMAXANG GAMES Keatz was abandoned by his society because of his inability to fly like other birds when "The Government of Heavens" decided to eliminate all the flightless birds residing in their country. He wanted to make space for himself when everything was falling apart. One day, he came across another flightless bird that soon became his friend and a part of his life. They were in peace for a few days, until an attack by Heavens's soldiers shattered their ease. Keatz then decided to start a journey against the corruption and social evils, including the decision made by the Heavens's government to exile all birds who could not fly. "Will Keatz be able to protect all flightless birds? Will he be able to protect his best friend who became the part of his life?" It is a mystery which still remained unsolved.... Story Driven. Two possible endings based on decisions taken. Challenging situations, traps and various kinds of enemies. 6 Full Chapters divided into 20 Single-Player levels. Two different worlds like "Real world" and "Dream World" which are interconnected. A weapon with 3 Firing modes including Primary firing mode, Rocket Launcher mode and Laser mode. Spinner Blades available for killing multiple enemies at once. 4 Formidable bosses. Collecting Special Items including Golden Leaf, Time machine, gems, money and more! Enemies have multiple kinds of deadly weapons, each with their unique loot. 6 lives to begin with and the ability to collect more lives in the special levels.





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