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Minotaur Early Access

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Author: u7committee Minotaur is an adventure game set in a new world called The Universe of Seven. Here’s what we hope you’ll love about it: STORY AND CHARACTERS Minotaur’s story is mainly focused on nine characters who come to find themselves trapped in their apartment building. Nod’s route, which is fully available in this Early Access release, follows a synthet named Nod Pikes as he attempts to escape and come to terms with his past – with help (kind of) from his lovely sharp-tongued AI assistant Ollie. Just like the game overall, Nod’s route has multiple endings. We call them: wicked, sad, very sad, brutal and shocking. Take your pick! Update: the next route has been released! Join Mentor-15, a teacher android model, on her journey of self-discovery. A couple more notes about the story: - All remaining routes are being added to the game for free. - It’s fully voiced over in English by a great cast. By the way, please note that while version includes Chinese text translation, it does not include Russian version of the game. The latter is currently only available on Steam and GOG! GAMEPLAY Minotaur has point and click mechanics at its core, so we’re trying to make the process of pointing and clicking as engaging as possible. You’ll be solving many different puzzles, fighting ancient creatures, and even climbing lots of stairs. Hm… That last one sounded much better in our heads. It’s actually one of our favorite parts! GRAPHICS We’re spending a lot of time on making the world of Minotaur feel alive and immersive, and we think that graphics and animations play a huge part in that. Check out our Early Access trailer – everything in it has been captured directly from the game. MUSIC It’s good. Really. We’ve listened to thousands of tracks, and picked the best of them. Note that you can buy the soundtrack here on, as well as on Steam, GOG and Game Jolt (a bundle offer is also available on those platforms). WORLD We often say Minotaur is a cyberpunk game, but that’s just us trying to sell it. In truth, its world is more of a science fantasy setting, and we’re obsessed with having it figured out down to the tiniest detail. Why else would we make a whole website dedicated to its lore? Are you not convinced yet? Syl, and that was us at our best. How about trying out the demo then? We’re sure that the beginning of the story will pique your interest. And if you get stuck, feel free to use our spoiler-free walkthrough. Hope to see you soon in Nova DC! ♡🐧






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