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Smith and Winston

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Author: Execution Unit Smith and Winston is a Metroidvania style exploration twin stick shooter. Taking on the role of Smith or Winston, two hapless mercenaries, you explore a newly discovered shattered ring world and uncover the secrets of the natives and the impending doom of the star system. Only you can save the system from the evil that awaits... or not. Hand built ‐ The world needs more hand crafted games. We love procedurally generated games but there is nothing like a level designed by a human for a human. Exploration ‐ There are many strange places to explore in Smith and Winston along with secrets and puzzles to discover and items to collect. You'll need a sharp eye to spot some of them and a bit of dexterity to reach others. But there's plenty to find. Challenging twin stick combat ‐ There's no health bars and with limited lives dodging is as important as shooting. Don't worry we've given you the tools to survive. From guns and power ups, grenades and missile launchers, to being able to sculpt the terrain to your advantage. How you defeat enemies is up to you. Free Flowing Movement ‐ Smith and Winston come with some cool toys, a jump pack boost for going up and a dash for going fast. Great for dodging bullets but even better for reaching new areas. Combine these for bigger and further jumps. Dash, boost, dash can get you a long way but a clever use of the terrain and our in game physics can get you higher and further. Voxels ‐ We love 'em. In a voxel world the player can destroy nearly everything and you have the equipment to do just that. From mining lasers to dig out secrets to grenades that blast holes in everything. Use these tactically or just to make a hole and laugh as you adversary falls helplessly to their doom. Camera ‐ Smith and Winston is a full 3D game and to take advantage of that we added in a few things. A rotatable 360° camera lets you see what you want and 3 angles of tilt, fancy a more cinematic perspective, just drop the camera angle. Collectibles ‐ Collect and swap your heads there a lot to find and finding them all won’t be easy and with our steam release we'll be adding steam achievements and cards too. At the Dawn of time there existed powerful beings known as the 'First Ones'. These Gods created huge ring worlds, each orbiting its own captive star. They competed to perfect these worlds and their people's revelled in the beauty of their lands and revered the genius of the creators. But Pride and Arrogance would see them fall. The Ancient texts tell of their destruction:







$5 or less






Input methods:



Xbox controller

Gamepad (any)


Average session length:

About a half-hour

Multiplayer features:

Local multiplayer

Accessibility features: