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Space Captain McCallery Ep. 1: Crash Landing

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Author: Tales of the Renegade Sector Author Email: [email protected] His crew has mutinied and he is stranded on an alien plant. Space Captain McCallery must survive a hostile alien world and search for rescue. Explore strange environments, battle dangerous creatures, and consume alien plants in this Low-Poly Action-Adventure game. Explore a Strange Alien World Playing as Captain McCallery, you will journey across giant stone archways, travel through dark caves, and discover ancient ruins. Pay attention to your surroundings, as danger lurks behind every corner. This world is full of hidden paths and secrets to reward exploration. Consume Alien Plants The Captain needs to eat to survive! Be on the lookout for plants which you can consume to regain your energy. Food items can have a variety of other effects, ranging from restoring health and protecting you from fall damage, to hallucinations. Explore your environment to find rare and beneficial items! Battle Alien Monsters The game features fast-paced lock-on combat. Dash around your foes, dodging their attacks. Use your trusty laser gun to blast away at your enemies, or conserve your ammo by punching and throwing rocks. You'll be up against a variety of alien beings, including multiple boss fights. Survival Mode For those who want an extra challenge, there's Survival Mode. Survival Mode removes checkpoints from the game, and also removes enemy and item respawning. This mode requires caution and careful item-use in order to make it through.





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