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TENDY: Robot Gardener

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Author: Too Much Tomato Author Email: [email protected] In TENDY, you'll take care of the intergalactic flora and fauna on a puzzling space station. Collect forgotten tools and use them to plan your limited actions as you discover the hidden intents of the station's engineers. This short n' weird journey takes around 2 hours to complete. Send instructions to TENDY, a gardening robot on a distant space station- your outbound messages will only have minimal semantic decay over the massive interstellar distance! Lock down high-priority instructions to ensure they are sent to TENDY unaltered. Choose to accomplish (or leave undone) sets of location-specific tasks assigned by the station's creators. Explore the 9x∞ Project's three-pronged space station and solve puzzles to unlock new areas. Discover the favorite treat of the photosynthetic noodle-bear, Udonn. Help "That Cat" find their favorite lost item. Play through the station's 15 strange stages over the course of ~2 hours and enjoy a puzzling experience that doesn't overstay its welcome. Dig deeper and scour the instructions left to you by the creators of the station to discover their true motivations. Choose to activate the 9x∞ Project's plan or find your own meaning on the station.








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