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The Mermaid of Zennor

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Author: ebi-hime Author Email: [email protected] The only person Lilac feels able to trust is her older brother, Jesse, but she has not seen him in what seems an eternity. He moved away from their small Cornish village two months prior to attend a university in the bustling capital of the country, London. Lilac misses Jesse so intensely she can think of nothing else. As the days pass, she becomes more and more fixated upon him, until her obsession threatens to consume her. When she learns that her brother will be coming back home for Christmas, at long last, she can't contain her excitement... But her brother, as she soon discovers, is not alone. A strange woman has ensnared his heart in his absence, and Lilac finds her already fragile mental state unravelling faster still. She knows she must free her beloved brother from the grip of this wicked enchantress, no matter the cost, if she is ever to be happy again - but just how far is she willing to go...? 45,000 words in length (approx 2 hours of reading) Two different endings Detailed character and background artwork A fully custom, ambient OST with over 20 tracks A hefty dosage of angst





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