Best ways to fundraise – Your Web3 Game

If you’re one of the indie game developers or you’re just starting out your journey with Web3 gaming – chances are you’re trying to raise enough money to even start the development team. Crypto space is an exciting environment where you can actually start fundraising even before releasing the actual product.

We’ve launched our own Polygon-based Trading Card Game called Ultimate Battle Arena: We also launched our very own NFT marketplace – all based on public financing and some crypto VC’s support.

Here’s our guide for Web3 game development studios to start fundraising for their next title – much like crowdfunding.

Your Web3 game: Basics

Of course, it all starts with a game. Take an example of one of the projects that we’re trying to tackle – transitioning from Web2 game to Web3: Minion Verse

Minionverse is a metaverse of Free-to-Play games powered by NFT Gaming. It introduces an entirely new genre to the Web3 space: free-to-mint gaming, developed by Fuero Games, in partnership with Ulti Arena. Operating with the $MIVRS token, the entirety of Minionverse will run in the Binance Smart Chain and the games will be available on Android, iOS, and PC.

Web3 Trading Card Game - Minionverse
Web3 Trading Card Game Minionverse

The first game to be launched is Minionverse, a combination of a classic tower defense with trading card game where the player’s aim is to attack enemy bases to destroy their defenses so they can steal their treasures. To do this they’ll have the help of not only their main hero but also a wide array of creatures they can summon using cards.

The cards in Minionverse let players summon different kinds of creatures like goblins and trolls and cast powerful spells on their enemies. Of course, players can unlock and upgrade the cards in their deck as they play and get the treasure.

To use each card in the game, players need to invest $MIVRS. Each card, depending on its power, costs a certain amount of $MIVRS that has to be paid upfront. Players need to be strategic about using their cards, as they don’t want to end up without any $MIVRS at the worst possible moment.

Each of the cards is an NFT
Each of the cards is an NFT

The game’s main objective is to get through the opponent’s defenses and steal the treasure. Acquired $MIVRS can be spent to enhance the player’s own base (building turrets, setting traps, etc.), and as they play, they obtain new minions’ cards and even train a dragon. It starts as an adorable and weak creature, but as players take care of it, it grows into a powerful beast that incarnates enemies during following raids.

Minionverse is a game offering a nice dose of action and strategy and terrific graphics. It lets players battle it out against either the AI or the bases of other real players.

The goal of the game is simple enough to understand:

  • Assault enemy bases with unstoppable waves of sneaky summoned minions
  • Command mighty heroes and unleash vicious magic
  • Collect heaps of minion and spell cards to create the best deck
  • Protect your base with tactical defenses
  • Raise your guardian dragon, and let its fire burn your attackers away
Attack player bases or defend your own
Attack player bases or defend your own

All of the information above – the gameplay mechanics, the excitement players will have – can all be written in your game’s whitepaper. This will ensure that your future token investors will have a good grasp of in-game mechanics, tokenomics as well as game economy flow.

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